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Hearts Can Now Survive Outside of The Human Body

In Brief Heart Safe Box Conventional methods of heart transplantation require that a donated organ reach its recipient within four hours of removal. Now, scientists at Sweden’s Lund University have made a major breakthrough that extends that timeframe for organ donation to at least 12 hours and perhaps as high as several days. This extra time could significantly widen the area where any given heart can travel for a transplant, putting us one step closer to a borderless network

New Bio Ink Could Be Used To 3D Print Artificial Organs

In Brief Lifesaving Gel Patients in need of an organ transplant face a grim reality: according to the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network, in the US alone there are over 116,000 people on the life-saving transplant waiting list. But so far, in 2017, there have only been 10,866 donors. A new innovation could change that reality by creating artificial human tissues and organs from bio-ink. Developed by engineers at the University of British Columbia (UBC) Okanagan, bio-ink is made

Transplants of Genetically Modified Pig Organs for Humans Could

In Brief Xenotransplantation This year, novel organ transplant procedures have been getting a fair amount of attention. While some may seem rather bizarre — like that human head transplant currently in the works — others could be the beginning of a new era in organ transplantation. Chinese researchers have been working on using genetically modified pig organs for human transplantation, and they expect it to be available in the next two years. Because they closely resemble human organs in

New Gene Editing Breakthrough Could Allow US To Transplant

In Brief Organ Farming Researchers have made a significant breakthrough in the area of organ transplants, and it brings us remarkably close to being able to safely transplant organs from other species into humans. In this latest work, scientists are working specifically with pig organs. Notably, teams have been working on interspecies transplants for decades. One of the concerns that halted the previous studies was the 1998 discovery that retroviruses were hiding within pig DNA, which could possibly pose