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Hearts Can Now Survive Outside of The Human Body

In Brief Heart Safe Box Conventional methods of heart transplantation require that a donated organ reach its recipient within four hours of removal. Now, scientists at Sweden’s Lund University have made a major breakthrough that extends that timeframe for organ donation to at least 12 hours and perhaps as high as several days. This extra time could significantly widen the area where any given heart can travel for a transplant, putting us one step closer to a borderless network

New Technique Could Revolutionize Organ Transplants

In Brief Deep Freeze A group of scientists from the University of Warwick has taken inspiration from nature for a new research project that could greatly improve the process of human organ transplantation. The researchers have developed a new synthetic antifreeze that mimics the properties of natural antifreeze proteins (AFPs). These proteins are produced naturally by extremophile species in cold environments, which need to be able to moderate the formation and spread of ice in order to survive. The