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Tesla is Designing New Electric Service Vehicles Based on The

In Brief A Need for Electric Vans Tesla’s Mobile Service has been available to everyone in the U.S. and Canada since 2010, providing Tesla owners with inspections and firmware updates at people’s homes or offices. The service was expanded in May to offer repairs, complete with new vans and more on-board equipment. Now the company is improving the service even more by designing new all-electric vehicles, albeit ones based on their increasingly popular Model S and Model X. As

Futuristic Solar Powered Car May Be The Future of Travel

In Brief Giving Back In this week’s bi-annual World Solar Challenge, a Dutch team from the Eindhoven University of Technology snagged the overall win for their unique concept: a electricity-generating solar car that gives back to the grid. According to Green Car Congress, the car, called the “Stella Vie,” was able to transport up to five people (an average of 3.4 people per kilometer traveled) using only 48 kWh of electricity. Most of the electricity used was generated on

Amazon Wants To Use Drones To Recharge The Batteries of Electric

In Brief Amazon has been granted a patent for an ambitious new method of maintaining a charge in electric vehicles (EVs). The company wants to use drones to allow drivers to top up their vehicles without having to visit a charging station. Drivers would request a top up from a central server, which would dispatch a charging drone to their location. The drone would then dock with the vehicle and start transferring power, without the car ever needing to

Meet The Polestar 1 The First Car From Volvos New Performance

In Brief Volvo just shared details on the Polestar 1, the first model from their new performance electric brand. The Polestar 1 is a plug-in hybrid Grand Tourer Coupé with a range of 150 kilometers (93 miles) using only its available electric power. That gives the vehicle the record for longest fully electric range amongst available hybrid cars. “Polestar 1 is the first car to carry the Polestar on the bonnet. A beautiful GT with amazing technology packed into

Paris Officially Says Its Phasing Out All Non Electric Cars

In Brief The Future of Fuel Soon, drivers will only have the option of using electric cars in Paris as authorities in the French capital have announced plans to remove all gas- and diesel-powered cars by 2030. “This is about planning for the long term with a strategy that will reduce greenhouse gases,” transport official Christophe Najdovski told France Info radio, according to a report from Reuters. “Transport is one of the main greenhouse gas producers…so we are planning

Worlds First Zero Emissions Zone Could Be Coming In 2035

In Brief Zero Emissions Zone Oxford city centre is considering becoming the first Zero Emissions Zone (ZEZ) in the world. The proposed plan would call for non-electric vehicles to be banned entirely from the Oxford city center by 2035. The scheme would unroll gradually with benchmarks to be met every five years starting in 2020 when the innermost ring of the zone would exclude all cars, buses, and taxis that run on fossil fuels. The gradual expansion of the

Dutch Government Reveals Plans To Make All Cars Emissions Free

In Brief No More Diesel Joining the ranks of other countries around the world promoting emissions-free vehicles, the Dutch government announced this week that it intends to ban all petrol and diesel cars by 2030, according to a new report from the NL Times. For over 200 days, the new government has been in talks to negotiate and finalize its plans, which will serve as a road map in the coming years. Alongside plans related to security, healthcare, and

Boeing Just Took A Major Step Toward Autonomous Electric Flights

In Brief Aeronautics giant Boeing is acquiring Aurora Flight Sciences, a company focused on the development of autonomous electric aircraft. The move confirms Boeing’s commitment to bringing their first self-flying commercial passenger vehicle to reality. Aurora won a significant amount of acclaim in 2016 when the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) awarded them a contract to help build the vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) X-Plane. Uber also enlisted Aurora Flight Sciences’ help on their Uber Elevate flying taxi

By 2022 You Could Be Flying Aboard Zunum Aeros Hybrid Electric

In Brief Fresh Air Two major airlines have taken a startup under their wings in pursuit of cleaner air travel. Boeing and JetBlue were revealed to be backing Zunum Aero back in April, and now, the company has set a target release date for their small hybrid-electric airliner: 2022. A pair of electric motors will power the first aircraft Zunum Aero is developing, and the plane will be outfitted with a gas engine and an electrical generator in addition

New Electric Car Battery Lasts for 200 Miles and Charges In

In Brief Durability Redefined Major car manufacturers are now investing in electric vehicles, and one of their primary areas of focus has been the development of fast-charging batteries to service these cars. At present, lithium ion batteries remain the go-to option for EVs, but the amount of power they provide and their charging capacity leaves much to be desired. Enter Toshiba. In 2008, the Japanese company pioneered SCiB rechargeable battery cells, and now, they claim to have developed even