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Bitcoin Reaches New Record High Near 6 000

In Brief Soaring to New Heights It’s been a little over a week since the price of bitcoin soared passed $5,300 and then quickly surpassed $5,800. Now, the digital currency has reached a new record high, putting it exceedingly close to $6,000. Both Bloomberg and Business Insider reported the currency’s sudden surge on October 20, though the cause of the rise in value is currently unknown. At the time of writing, bitcoin’s price is at $5,929, but that could

Gates Foundation Just Launched A Blockchain Powered Mobile

In Brief Interoperability is Key The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is no stranger to blockchain. Since 2015, the foundation has been working on ways to use the decentralized digital ledger of transactions through its Level One Project. Now, they’ve launched Mojaloop, which is an open-source payment platform designed for people who lack access to the usual payment services. Mojaloop’s mobile payment software, built as part of the Level One Project, is powered by the Interledger technology, which in

MIT Has Started Issuing Diplomas Using Blockchain Technology

In Brief Digital Diploma With Blockchain Since the school’s inception, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has issued paper diplomas to over 200,000 students. This summer, a pilot program saw 111 graduates receive their credentials via a specially developed app, in addition to traditional means. The Blockcerts Wallet app was developed by Learning Machine in conjunction with the MIT Registrar’s Office. It uses blockchain technology to give graduates easy access to verifiable, tamper-proof version of their diploma that they can

US Political Candidate Just Pledged To Make All Decisions Via

In Brief By the People Technology has the potential to radically change how elected officials perform their duties, and at least one political candidate thinks now’s the time to take advantage of that potential. If Camilo Casas is elected to the city council in Boulder, Colorado, this November, he promises he will not make any decision by himself. Instead, he plans to put that power in the hands of the people via a liquid democracy app called Parti.Vote. Casas

Vladimir Putin Russia Will Issue Its Own Cryptocurrency

In Brief Russian-styled Cryptos At a closed-door meeting in Moscow, Vladimir Putin officially called for a state-run blockchain-based digital currency which will be called “CryptoRuble,” according to local Russian publication AIF, first mentioned by CoinTelegraph. The CryptoRuble might put an end to some of crypto’s most challenging weeks in Russia, where the government blocked cryptocurrency exchanges despite a repeated show of interest for digital cash. “I so confidently declare that we will launch a [cryptocurrency] for one simple reason:

Bitcoin Price Goes Over 5 800 Setting A New All Time...

In Brief Bitcoin prices surged past the $5,300 mark on Thursday, closing at $5,363 — only to reach a new all-time high value at $5,856.10 some time early Friday morning, after markets had opened at a $5,439. The increase in value comes after Russia banned Bitcoin and expressed interest in rival Ethereum. The Russian ban followed previous moves against cryptocurrencies by South Korea and China, which included prohibiting initial coin offerings (ICOs). The market, it would seem, finally got

US State Department is Embracing Blockchain To Advance Diplomacy

In Brief Welcoming Blockchain Technology Blockchain technology can be a powerful tool if you know how to use it effectively. The technology behind Bitcoin is being eyed by countries like China to collect taxes and is expected to radically change how U.S. institutions operate. Even states like Illinois are open to using it to replace birth certificates, while organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have expressed a desire to use it against future epidemics. Now,

After Falling In September Bitcoin Breaks Previous Records

In Brief Bitcoin is back in a big way. After a few tumultuous weeks caused by some intense government regulation from states like China and South Korea, and fears of impending bans in Russia, Bitcoin has been able to rally and surpass its previous record value established in early September. Prices soared to $5,314.06 at the point of writing, beating the previous record of $5,013.91. Prices were expected to take a dip after the cryptocurrency hit the $5,000 point

New Company Allows You To Monetize Your Genetic Data

In Brief Genetic Wallet The organizations and scientists working hard to develop the next generation of medical treatments and pharmaceuticals rely on genetic data for their research. That data has to come from somewhere, and now, a startup has formed to give individuals the opportunity to get paid for the information that’s locked away in their genes. The market value of genetic data hit $5.9 billion in 2010, a figure that’s predicted to grow significantly in the coming years.