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A blockchain project boasting support from industry venture firms Boost VC and CoinFund has completed an initial coin offering (ICO), netting around $9 million in ether. Called District0x, the project aims to use ethereum smart contracts to power decentralized marketplaces and community applications. Offering 600 million District0x Network Tokens (DNT) to buyers, the ICO started on July 18 and ended on August 1. According to data from the ethereum blockchain, a total of 2,394 participants contributed 43,170 ether to
In Brief Technology and innovation have the power to level the playing field between all kinds of people, including the disabled. One such innovation is helping hearing impaired people better connect with the world and lead fuller lives. Apple has partnered with Cochlear, a company who develops devices that allow the hearing impaired to hear better, or in some cases, for the very first time. This partnership has led to the development of the Nucleus 7 Sound Processor, which
An effort to create an alternative version of the bitcoin blockchain is officially moving ahead. After running into roadblocks this morning, miners were able to successfully create a block on a new blockchain, called Bitcoin Cash, at roughly 2:14 p.m. ET today. As reported by CoinDesk, the move finds the miners breaking away from the main bitcoin network and forging ahead with an option supported by a different technical roadmap. The block in question was mined by mining firm
In Brief Of Forks and Splits It’s official. Bitcoin has split in two. Following weeks of speculation that a hard fork was imminent, Bitcoin Cash has separated from the main Bitcoin blockchain, resulting in two distinct Bitcoin currencies and blockchains that could be used in cryptocoin exchanges. The primary issue leading to the fork concerned conflicting ideas on how to scale up transaction support over the Bitcoin blockchain. Bitcoin Cash emerged as the final solution. It increases Bitcoin blocks
One of the strange consequences of quantum mechanics is the phenomenon of indistinguishability—that two quantum particles can be impossible to tell apart, even in principle. This happens, in part, because it is impossible to determine the precise position of quantum particles. So when two particles interact at the same location, there is no way of knowing which is which. Recommended for You First Human Embryos Edited in U.S. Machines Are Developing Language Skills Inside Virtual Worlds We’re Thinking about
The threat of cyberattacks is tangible in Ukraine. Recommended for You First Human Embryos Edited in U.S. We’re Thinking about Cybersecurity All Wrong Machines Are Developing Language Skills Inside Virtual Worlds Tesla’s Model 3 Is a Long Way from Elon Musk’s Grand Goal Amazon May Be the Next Tech Giant Muscling Into Health Care It bears the brunt of many hacks that target the wider world, like the recent NotPetya attack. But it also struggles in the face of
In Brief The Mechanisms of Aging For a phenomenon that affects all living beings, there’s nothing simple about aging. Experiments that focus on understanding aging are as numerous and varied as the aspects of the subject itself. Some look at the roles that the brain or the mitochondria have on aging, while others examine some protein or another. A study from the Houston Methodist Research Institute (HMRI) is focusing on chromosomes. Specifically, the team led by cardiovascular sciences department
In Brief Reconnecting The Motor Root Scientists in Sweden and the U.K. developed a surgical technique to reconnect the spinal cord with sensory neurons after traumatic spinal injuries. Now, by recreating the technique in rats, they have new insights into the cellular processes implicated in the technique. This new knowledge has the potential to assist the development of novel therapies for other spinal cord injuries — even those in which the spinal cord is severed. The spine is the
In Brief In a report published in part on Sunday, Standpoint Research founder and independent stock analyst Ronnie Moas predicts a favorable future for cryptocurrencies. Moas spent the better part of last month testing out digital currencies. He wrote that he expects the solid performance of cryptocoins like bitcoin and ether to continue, and he predicts the value of the latter will double by 2018 to about $400. He previously said that he expects the value of bitcoin to