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Square’s decision to incorporate Bitcoin payments into its app could be a real cash cow for the company according to Wall Street firm Credit Suisse. An analysis from the firm believes that a $30 mln revenue bump is completely possible in the next two years. Square recently announced a rollout to a limited number of customers, using pooled wallets to allow Bitcoin payments without the current high fees. This news sent Bitcoin’s price tearing towards $7,000 about a week
Bitcoin has bounced back from losses seemingly arising from the hack of an alternative cryptocurrency, revealed yesterday. As per CoinMarketCap, the bitcoin-U.S. dollar (BTC/USD) exchange rate slumped to a low of $7,762 at 04:59 UTC, before quickly recovering to $8,100. At press time, the cryptocurrency is changing hands at $8,090 levels. Despite the massive gyrations, BTC is still up 0.66 percent on the day. The sell-off occurred seemingly after cryptocurrency firm Tether reported a $31 million theft of its
While the general talk of Bitcoin being in a bubble seems to be deflating among those who are in the market, there is still a strong feeling that it could pop with the institutionalized CFOs of a number of key companies. CNBC surveyed 97 CFOs from companies that range from AT&T, Aviva, Levi and Mastercard, and within that group, 43 responded. Of those that did almost 30 percent of them said they believed that Bitcoin is ‘real’ but in
The local government of the Japanese village of Nishiawakura in Okayama Prefecture is planning to launch an initial coin offering (ICO) as a way to boost its economy. The government will be working with a Blockchain technology provider as its partner in the undertaking. The government of Nishiawakura is still in the planning stage on how it will conduct the ICO. It appears, however, that the local officials are not interested in using the Ethereum and Waves platform in
It's possible bitcoin's Lightning Network will fall short of its lofty ambition – at least, that's what a group of researchers are arguing. Often trumpeted as the future of bitcoin, Lightning's particular twist on payments channels has served as one of the foundational ideas for scaling all public blockchains. By proposing to push transactions off of the bitcoin blockchain, but keeping strong cryptographic guarantees intact, it's believed by many developers to be the best way to increase the number
The European Parliament has released a research paper that explores blockchain, among other technologies, in the prevention of odometer tampering. The report, issued by the Directorate General for Internal Policies, investigates the possible role of blockchain technology in the use case, concluding that it might "present interesting potentials" for effective prevention of fraud through increased transparency and data privacy. The report explains: "The blockchain technology currently proposed by the car engineering and electronics industry would allow downloading mileage and
According to a post on its website, Tether has experienced a substantial hacking event, with a loss of over $30 mln from the Tether Treasury account. The loss was discovered when the tokens were sent to an unauthorized Bitcoin address. According to the post, Tether is taking all possible action to prevent further disruption, saying: “Yesterday, we discovered that funds were improperly removed from the Tether treasury wallet through malicious action by an external attacker. Tether integrators must take
Ethereum development startup ConsenSys is expanding to London. The firm's new "European Hub" will be based in the U.K. capital, the startup announced earlier this week. It's the latest office launch for the company, which is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. That ConsenSys would look to acquire new office space is perhaps unsurprising, given a recent hiring spree that saw it tap figures who hailed from companies like IBM and Oracle, among others. ConsenSys says that it has 450
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A 200-foot tower stands centered in front of a field of rotating mirrors on the southern edge of Albuquerque, New Mexico. It’s the National Solar Thermal Test Facility, operated by Sandia National Laboratories, where scientists are working to develop hotter, cheaper, and more efficient technologies for concentrating solar power. The hundreds of mirrors focus sunlight onto a receiver at the top of the solar tower. In conventional systems, this would heat water or other fluids to generate steam that