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Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal sharply criticized bitcoin during an appearance on CNBC today, saying that he agrees with JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon's assessment that the cryptocurrency is a "fraud." "I just don't believe in this bitcoin thing," Al-Waleed said, according to a transcript published by CNBC. "I think it's just going to implode one day. It's Enron in the making." When asked about the specific comparison between bitcoin and the infamous American energy company that fell apart in
In Brief A Three-Dimensional Approach Living conditions in space can be treacherous. Consequently it’s equally difficult to spot potentially-habitable exoplanets. That’s not to say that the search has been futile, however, as NASA and other astronomers have found a good number of possible earth-like exoplanets in the past decade or so — thanks, in large part, to the two Kepler missions. To make things easier, a team of astronomers have devised a new method of gauging alien worlds for
In Brief Limited Space in Singapore The city-state of Singapore has announced a plan to reduce the vehicle growth rate from 0.25 percent per year to 0 percent for cars and motorcycles. Due to the limited space available, Singapore controls the number of vehicles on the road to a great degree. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) issues permits, known as Certificates of Entitlement, that give vehicle owners the right to have their vehicle for a period of ten years.
The organizer of an initial coin offering (ICO) in Canada has been found in contempt of court following a new ruling from the Quebec Supreme Court. The Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), Quebec's financial regulator, published a statement on October 20 announcing that Dominic Lacroix and a related company, DL Innov inc., had allegedly ignored previous court orders aimed at preventing them from soliciting investors for "PlexCoin". PlexCoin, according to its official website, is a cryptocurrency based on ethereum.
In Brief A Ray of Sunshine Puerto Rico’s largely devastated power grid is still far from a recovery, despite recent efforts by Tesla to supply the island with much-needed energy through a microgrid of solar panels and energy storage batteries. To this end, Puerto Rico’s Department of Economic Development and Commerce Secretary Manuel Laboy has proposed transforming the Caribbean island’s crippled energy infrastructure with the help of Elon Musk’s company. According to Bloomberg, Laboy had supposedly been in talks
In Brief A Need for Electric Vans Tesla’s Mobile Service has been available to everyone in the U.S. and Canada since 2010, providing Tesla owners with inspections and firmware updates at people’s homes or offices. The service was expanded in May to offer repairs, complete with new vans and more on-board equipment. Now the company is improving the service even more by designing new all-electric vehicles, albeit ones based on their increasingly popular Model S and Model X. As
The price of ether fell to a one-month low today. The ether-US dollar (ETH/USD) exchange rate slid to $275, its lowest level since Sept. 23, according to available market data. The cryptocurrency is currently trading at around $285. As per CoinMarketCap, the cryptocurrency that powers the ethereum blockchain has shed roughly 3.3 percent in the last 24 hours of trading. Week-on-week, ETH is down 14.97 percent, while it is trading largely unchanged on a monthly basis. Still, the development